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What’s Your PDQ?

March 14th, 2011 Diane Smith Posted in PDQ No Comments »


What’s Your PDQ?

How your commitment to Personal Development affects your life.

Last September, a group of friends and I got together for lunch at our favorite restaurant to celebrate a birthday. This has been our tradition for years. Our group included managers and supervisors from an organization I had worked for. As is usual during a workday lunch, after the pleasantries, the conversation soon turned to work.

This organization had just gone through a series of lay-offs, and the lunch chatter became a ‘bitch session’. The conversation was frenzied. I heard comments that blamed the organization, upper management and the housing market for the problems. I felt a pit in my stomach growing. This was no celebration.

Above the uproar, I heard ‘Susie’, a supervisor; express her desire to get out of the organization completely – to finish her degree. ‘Bill’, an IT manager, replied he would love to do his Masters, but he didn’t have the time – “what with my full-time job, kids and all”. Others moaned in agreement, describing their reasons for wanting more, but offering various excuses for not developing their skills. I heard another exclaim, “At least I still have a job, I should just be happy with that!” That comment turned the pit in my stomach into a brick. ** more **

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