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Training programs can help your people acquire mastery of new skills and enhance knowledge and attitudes. After a well designed and delivered program, learners will have higher self-confidence and apply their new talents on the job. Your training course can improve:

  • Soft Skills - how to interact with people; such as customer service, supervisory and managerial skills, etc.
  • Technical Skills - how to use something; such as machinery, software, etc.
  • Policies and Procedures - how to apply concepts or processes; such a regulatory requirements, certification, company policies, etc.
Your training program can focus on any one, or all of these topics, depending on the audience and the business goal. For instance, newly hired employees may need an orientation program about company policies, technical training to operate machinery, and customer service training for interacting with your customers; while your management team may attend a 2-day leadership workshop or regulatory review training.

The experts at everest cs can help you determine which topics your training should cover. Contact us today.

Your Training Built on Course Objectives

To develop a training course, you need to ask several important questions:
  • What is the driving business need behind training?
  • What should the learners be able to do after training?
  • Where will they use the new skills and knowledge?
  • How will you measure success?
A training needs analysis will help identify the business need, learner needs and the knowledge gap - what needs to be learned.

Our experts can help you answer these questions and create clearly defined learning objectives with measureable results. Ask us how.