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Welcome to the everest cs store. This is where you can register for our public offerings. We have placed great effort in ensuring your registration and shopping experience is a positive one.

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PDQ & Lifelong Learning

‘PDQ’, or Personal Development Quotient, is a ratio of total personal resources available compared to how much is invested in personal development. Your individual personal development quotient is representative of your commitment to yourself. We at everest cs are strong advocates of lifelong learning, and we practice this ourselves. Through our commitment to continued personal and professional growth we pass the benefit on to you. We use the most up-to-date techniques in our training and workshops.

Our mission is to provide professionals with the skills, knowledge, and materials they need to succeed in their careers. We pride ourselves on providing practical, real-world, performance-based workshops. We continuously improve our workshops based on client suggestions and feedback. Our goal is to make our workshops as up-to-date, relevant, and user-friendly as possible. We are specialists in human performance improvement, facilitation, instructional design and training delivery, in addition to our professional coaching and consulting services.

You'll Be In Good Company

You may ask yourself “who might I bump into at one of everest cs’s workshops?” Participants in past workshops have come from financial, industrial, transportation, utility, health, IT, retail, and government industries. Since our workshops cater to a wide range of clients, you may find yourself included in a group of professionals from any industry. Have no fear… it’s been proven that adults learn better when exploring their ideas and experiences with others.

Our workshops are lively, entertaining, and fun. We expect you to challenge yourself and participate.

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